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Jamil Packaging
Date of Post: May 8, 2024

Congratulations to Jamil Packaging on 50 years in business! Jamil Packaging hosted their anniversary party at Ribbon Town Conference and Event Center at Four Winds Casino South Bend. Would they book their event at Four Winds Casino South Bend again? 100% no doubt about it!   Thank you to Jamil Packaging for hosting your event […]

Roasted Butternut Squash and Wild Mushroom Salad
Date of Post: March 19, 2024

Roasted Butternut Squash and Wild Mushroom Salad is a simple and delicious dish to bring to your parties all year long! Ingredients 2 lb.                       Diced Butternut Squash 8 oz.                       Shallots Minced 1/4 oz.                  Sage Minced 1/2 oz.                  Salt 1/4 oz.                  Pepper 2 1/2 oz.              Garlic Minced 4 oz.                      80/20 Oil 1 1/2 […]

Grilled Prawns and Lemon Beurre Blanc
Date of Post: February 2, 2024

Here is a fresh, seafood appetizer idea for your events. Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce (Lemon Butter Suace)  Ingredients 3 oz. Chopped Fine Shallot, Peeled Fresh 8 fl oz. Chardonnay ¼ tsp. Fresh Thyme ½ tsp. Cracked Black Pepper 4 oz. Whipping Cream 1 lb. Unsalted Butter (solid and cut 1” thick) ½ Fresh Lemon Juice […]

Petite Filet with Orzo Pasta Salad
Date of Post: January 29, 2024

Be ready to impress on your next date night in with our Petite Filet with Orzo Pasta Salad recipe. This great dish will not only keep you at the top of their favorites list, but it is a great entrée all year long!   Ingredients 2 3 oz. Tenderloin Steak 2 oz. Crab Meat 2 […]

Christ Child Society at Ribbon Town
Date of Post: January 2, 2024

Since 1947 over a quarter of a million children of St. Joseph County have learned the joy of reading, empowerment of education and dignity of new clothing. All these efforts are possible by the dedication of the Christ Child Society of South Bend and events such as their Let Love Shine Dinner and Auction. The […]

Smashed Brussels Sprouts
Date of Post: November 20, 2023

Do you turn your nose up when you hear the word brussels sprouts? Or have you been interested in trying them but just haven’t taken the plunge? Brussels sprouts are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a great addition to your side-dish recipes. On Cooking Creations with Chef Brandon, we dive into […]

Asian Noodle Salad
Date of Post: November 17, 2023

Not your average salad! Chef Brandon brings you an Asian Peanut Noodle Salad that includes a mixture of textures and flavors. It’s a great recipe for a BBQ or Asian themed night. Are your taste buds ready to dig in? Ingredients Asian Noodle Salad 10 oz                             Spaghetti Noodles 1                                     Red Bell Pepper, Thinly […]

Lobster Corndogs
Date of Post: November 3, 2023

Simple and delectable, Lobster Corndogs are going to be the most desired item at your picnic. Chef Brandon brings life back and some spice to an old favorite. But lobster, really? Really! This recipe is refreshing and uses a tempura batter, so the entrée is light and crispy.  The batter is so perfect because we […]

Honey Walnut Shrimp
Date of Post: July 28, 2023

You’ve probably had a similar dish at many Asian dining spots, but Chef Brandon says this recipe from Chef Kuo is the bees’ knees. That’s enough for us to get excited, so let’s dive in. Ingredients ½ Cup            Water ½ Cup            Sugar ½ Cup            Walnuts 1 lb.               Medium Shrimp, Peeled and […]

Brazilian Limonade
Date of Post:

Thirst quenching and refreshing flavor, Brazilian Limonade is a must try. Chef Brandon and Cooking Creations bring you a three-ingredient beverage perfect for summer. Ingredients 4                     Limes 5 Cups           Cold Water 1                     Can (14 ounces) Sweetened Condensed Milk Ice Cubes Preparation What did you think? Tell us in the comments or on […]

Mushroom Parmesan Risotto
Date of Post:

Risotto is great to enjoy but can be very intimidating to make at home as your sole focus must be on the entrée to have it turn out perfect. Chef Thomas takes us step by step on Cooking Creations with a Mushroom Parmesan Risotto. His 6-year-old loves it and it’s a recipe that can be […]

Lobster Corndog
Date of Post:

Simple and delectable, Lobster Corndogs are going to be the most desired item at your picnic. Chef Brandon brings life back and some spice to an old favorite. But lobster, really? Really! This recipe is refreshing and uses a tempura batter, so the entrée is light and crispy.  The batter is so perfect because we […]

Carolina BBQ Brisket Dipping Sauce
Date of Post: July 27, 2023

A dipping sauce that works great for marinating and more! Chef Drew’s Carolina BBQ Dipping Sauce is a must try. What makes it a Carolina sauce? The oh-so tasty vinegar base. Let’s give it a try. Ingredients 3 C                  Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 C             Light Brown Sugar, Packed 2 tsp              Salt 2 […]

Brined French Fries
Date of Post:

These are not your average fries! Chef Drew’s Brined French Fries take time to prepare but every bite is worth the wait. Ingredients 3 lbs.             Yukon Potato 5 Tbsp           Kosher Salt 8 C                  Water 5                      Napa Cabbage Leaves Fry Seasoning 5 Tbsp           Salt 1 Tbsp           Black Pepper 2 Tbsp           Garlic Powder 3 Tbsp           Fresh Dill, […]

Rack of Lamb
Date of Post: July 24, 2023

A rack of Lamb is not only impressive and delicious to eat but intimidating to think about cooking! Chef Brian of Copper Rock Steakhouse takes us through the 6 steps to grilling a rack of lamb that will impress everyone at the table. Let’s get started on your lamb lollipops! Want a video tutorial? We’ve […]

Mississippi Stud
Date of Post:

Gaming 101 – Mississippi Stud At Four Winds Casinos, we occasionally receive requests from guests about learning how to play table games. We understand that it can be intimidating to walk up to a table with seasoned players and try to learn a new game, so we’re going to teach you how to play Mississippi Stud! […]

Hello Gorgeous! RED Event
Date of Post: July 8, 2023

It is always great when recommendations turn into amazing experiences! Hello Gorgeous! checked out Ribbon Town Conference and Event Center on the recommendation of a friend. After visiting our South Bend event center, the Hello Gorgeous! team thought the space was: “Absolutely amazing!! It was perfect for the ambiance we wanted for the event.” Hello […]

Brisket with Coffee Rub
Date of Post: July 7, 2023

Brisket is king of the party and rightfully so. When done right brisket is moist and flavorful, but it tends to be intimidating for people to cook themselves because of the trimming, seasoning ratios, and cooking time. Chef Drew is a brisket man and has brought a sweet, bitter, and savory seasoning combo to Cooking […]

Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter
Date of Post: June 22, 2023

You’ve seen it on the menu at most Italian spots and your taste buds love it! But what is Gnocchi? Gnocchi is a simple to make Italian dumpling. How simple? You probably already have the three main ingredients in your kitchen: Flour, Eggs, and Potatoes! It is a perfect change-up of pasta and can be […]

Spartan Nash at Silver Creek
Date of Post: May 5, 2023

Silver Creek Event Center and Ribbon Town Conference and Event Center are the perfect locations to host conferences, weddings, and more. Spartan Nash recently chose to host a two-day conference at Four Winds New Buffalo’s Silver Creek Event Center. Why did they choose Four Winds New Buffalo? “We picked Four Winds for its casino and […]

Chargrilled Oysters
Date of Post: April 14, 2023

Have a craving for oysters but it’s too late for reservations at your favorite restaurant? Chef Brandon has you covered with Chargrilled Oysters on Cooking Creations. In three easy steps you’ll have delicious oysters perfect for an appetizer, side dish, or anytime snack. Go get some oysters and open the pantry, it’s time to get […]

Monte Cristo Breakfast Bake
Date of Post: March 14, 2023

Chef Brandon has brought a simple, fulfilling recipe you make the night before using your favorite cheese and jam combinations. Monte Cristo Breakfast Bake allows you to tailor the ingredients to your flavor favorites and use up the bread from spaghetti night. Let’s get breakfast started. Ingredients 1 (16-oz)      Loaf French Bread 1/3 C             Honey Mustard Dressing […]

Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms
Date of Post: March 1, 2023

Appetizer, side dish, or the main show, Chef Brandon has brought you a cooking creation that does it all. Lobster stuffed mushrooms! We are loving this recipe because it is adaptable. Not a fan of lobster? Switch to chicken, steak, or tofu. You can add a little more zest with a Boursin cheese instead of […]

Pink Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse
Date of Post: February 14, 2023

Something sweet for your sweetie, or just to surprise your friends and family with your dessert skills! Chef Brandon brings you a pink raspberry cheesecake mousse. Oh yeah! Our taste buds are smiling already. This recipe is adaptable for your favorite fruits. Not a raspberry fan, try strawberry or blueberry. Whatever your fruit fancy is […]

Maple Pecan Vegan Bread Pudding
Date of Post: February 8, 2023

Did someone say pudding? We did! Everyone should be able to enjoy bread pudding, so Chef Brandon has crafted a Maple Pecan Vegan Bread Pudding recipe sure to impress! Ingredients 5 C.                        Day-Old Bread (Torn into 2-Inch Pieces) 1 14 oz. Can         Full-Fat Coconut Milk 2/3 C.                    Maple Syrup 2 tsp.                     Ground Cinnamon 1 tsp.                     Salt, […]

D.A. Dodd at Silver Creek Event Center
Date of Post: January 22, 2023

“Thank you so much for making our end of the year party so fun and easy! We couldn’t have done it without you!” D.A. Dodd held their seventh end of the year celebration at Four Winds Casino. They said “A company event can be a drag and Four Winds offers so much to do during […]

Italian, Sausage, Kale, and Bean Soup
Date of Post: December 29, 2022

Winter is near and that means soup season! There’s something so warming and satisfying about a homemade soup after an afternoon of winter adventures. Chef Brandon has outdone himself with an Italian Sausage, Kale, and Bean Soup recipe. This recipe has a lot of quick steps, but it is worth it when you get a […]

Mashed Potato Casserole
Date of Post: December 14, 2022

Some guests like appetizers and some like the desserts but this Cooking Creations recipe will have them singing PO-TAT-OES! Mashed Potato Casserole is a game changer and the perfect twist for the holidays. Ingredients 1 Lbs.                    Russet Potatoes, Peeled and Cut into Cubes 1/2 Tbsp.             Salt 5                              Garlic Cloves 1 Pkg.                    (8 oz.) Cream Cheese, […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Pound Cake
Date of Post: November 16, 2022

Fall is here and it’s time for holiday treats! A couple fall ingredients, chocolate and pumpkin, are perfect together to make a show stopping dessert. Chef Brandon brings you a Chocolate Pumpkin Pound Cake in four simple steps.

Shrimp and Feta Potato Bites
Date of Post: November 2, 2022

Chef Brandon twists your favorite potato skins into a bite-sized gourmet treat. Packed with flavor, these bites are perfect for gatherings and tailgate parties. Let’s dive into another Cooking Creations favorite.

Nick and Allie’s Engagement Party at Silver Creek
Date of Post: November 1, 2022

As soon as you say, Yes! the planning begins. From venues, dates, food, décor, hotel, and more, the to-do list can seem endless. Allie & Nick cut the to-do list down when “we chose Four Winds Casino. It has a large space and the restaurants and casino would entertain our guests before and after the […]

Classic Guacamole
Date of Post: September 21, 2022

It’s a classic for all the right reasons and when it’s done right there won’t be a smear left in the bowl! What makes the classic phenomenal? The ingredients. Fresh is always best but it can be hard to pick the perfect produce. How do you know when an avocado is ripe enough for today […]

Escape The Everyday Hotel Packages
Date of Post: September 20, 2022

Plan your vacation to Lake Michigan and experience the treat of our resort and promotional packages at Four Winds New Buffalo. Relax in the luxurious Four Winds hotel, enjoy exciting gaming and savor delectable food all in one beautiful location.

Crispy Onion, Mushroom and Steak Pizza
Date of Post: September 7, 2022

Breakfast, Dessert, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, you can enjoy pizza anytime, any day of the week! Chef Brandon mixes up the sauce and toppings to create a new twist on a family favorite.

Sweet Heat Bacon Bundles
Date of Post: August 23, 2022

Bacon is always a great idea, especially when Chef Brandon puts his twist on it. This simple recipe brings the heat and sweet to your breakfast favorite.

Blueberry Bread Pudding
Date of Post: August 9, 2022

Do you really want to impress your dinner guests but are not confident in your baking skills? Bread pudding is the perfect place to start. Bread pudding is sweet, creamy and very versatile. Chef Brandon explains that you can use fresh, day-old or stale bread making this dessert not only delicious but a great way to utilize your pantry! Not a fan of blueberries? Try strawberries, peaches, or another favorite. Now that your mind is racing with possibilities to get started.

Summer Slaw
Date of Post: July 26, 2022

From summer picnics to tailgating, slaws are a must have and are so easy to change up to use seasonally fresh ingredients and flavors. Chef Brandon and Chef Tammy have teamed together to create a fruity and nutty summer slaw ready in just two steps.

Shrimp Ceviche
Date of Post: July 22, 2022

A healthy Peruvian dish with so much flavor is Ceviche! Traditionally made with raw fresh fish or shrimp, this traditional dish can make some new cooks wary of attempting so Chef Brandon has crafted an introductory ceviche recipe. This first step recipe will have you falling in love with ceviche and we are excited to learn how much you enjoy this one.

Maple Sriracha Cauliflower Wings
Date of Post: July 20, 2022

Heat up your deep fryer and get ready to be amazed! Not your average wings, with not your average flavoring!

Strawberry Crumble
Date of Post: June 8, 2022

Strawberries right off the vine are so juicy and flavorful it is a mesmerizing experience and makes us super excited for strawberry season this June! With so many local patches, you can find the freshest ingredients to indulge in. One of our favorite ways to use strawberries is a crumble. Crumbles are perfect for any after-dinner treat, coffee break, or the occasional breakfast.

Interview with Johnny Mathis
Date of Post: June 3, 2022

Johnny Mathis has recorded more than 80 albums, 6 Christmas albums, and has sold millions of records, worldwide. From Opera training to college sports, Mathis is multitalented performer who has become the voice of romance through the decades. He has taken time to answer some questions about his life in the music industry.

Peach Avocado Caprese Salad
Date of Post: June 1, 2022

This simple recipe will delight your senses and make a splash at any meal or cookout. Avocado, cheese, tomatoes, and peaches; what more could you need?

Watermelon Kiwi Margarita Popsicles
Date of Post: May 5, 2022

Hot summer days just got better with these boozy adult treats!

Pineapple Salmon Skewers
Date of Post: April 28, 2022

Spring is finally arriving and it’s the best time to start prepping your grill for all your spring and summer meals. Brats, steaks, and corn on the cob are great, but our Pineapple Salmon Skewers are full of flavor and just what your grilling rotation needs.

Jerilyn and Chance
Date of Post: February 18, 2022

“They made my wedding day everything I wanted it to be!”

Creamy Sriracha Crab Salad
Date of Post: August 31, 2021

Creamy, spicy, and full of flavor. Chef Brandon brings a Creamy Sriracha Crab Salad to Cooking Creations. Also known as a Kani Salad, this recipe is a Japanese style salad that is quick and easy and pairs great with everything from burgers to filet mignon. So, grab a cutting board and let’s get started.

Bruschetta Inspired Chicken Sandwich
Date of Post:

We love bruschetta and it’s a perfect appetizer for all those tasty tomatoes you grew, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up! Chef Art twists the flavors of bruschetta into a delicious bruschetta chicken sandwich that’ll become a staple rotation in your dinner line-up. Grab your gardening gloves and let’s gather some ingredients.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Charred Lemon Vinaigrette
Date of Post:

Salads are so delicious but can get boring and repetitive. Here is a simple way to jazz up your salad and revive your love for them.

Date of Post:

Card games can be very intimidating due to the many decisions a player has to make – hit or stay, fold or raise. Mini-Baccarat lets you enjoy the table game atmosphere with only two decisions you must make: How much do you want to bet and are you going to bet on the “Banker” or the “Player.” This means there are only two hands that you need to keep track of. Sounds simple enough. Right?

Dry Aged Lamb Chop with Mint Chimichurri
Date of Post:

Perfect for your anniversary, birthday, or to just blow the socks off your guests. Give our Dry Aged Lamb Chop with Mint Chimichurri and Roasted Tri-Color Carrots recipe a try. Already intimidated? Don’t worry. Chef Philip has given us a step-by-step to creating this luxury dinner.

Chocolate Coffee Truffles
Date of Post: July 15, 2021

A perfect pick-me-up afternoon treat or a delicious way to enjoy coffee and dessert! This simple recipe can be tailored to your tastes. Want dark chocolate? Sounds great. Need a little more oomph of espresso? You got it. Chef Michael shows you how to rule the dessert game with his chocolate coffee truffles on Cooking Creations.

Grilled Pineapple with Mascarpone & Honey
Date of Post: June 15, 2021

Summer is here and so is the abundance of fresh fruit. There are so many dessert recipes using fresh fruit we could go on all day. Today however, we are going tropical with grilled pineapple! But won’t grilling dry it out? Not at all. This simple, quick recipe adds a complexity of rich flavors into a perfect sweet treat.

Coconut Crusted Salmon with Peach Chili Sauce
Date of Post: June 1, 2021

Southwest Michigan has an abundance of beautiful orchards to cruise through on a lovely summer’s day. Using fresh, local ingredients when cooking gives your dishes extra flavor and using fruit in your entrees adds an extra level of excitement for your taste buds. Today we are creating a pairing of salmon with fruit and a dash of spice, Coconut Crusted Salmon with a Peach Chili Sauce.

Blackened Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
Date of Post:

Quick and tasty; that’s just what this dish is. Blackened Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa is great for evenings on the patio. Since salmon cooks fast, you won’t be stuck at the cooktop while the rest of the guests are sipping on margaritas and cervezas. There are only four steps, so let’s get started!

Strawberry Spinach Salad
Date of Post: May 15, 2021

Cooking Creations with Chef Brandon is thrilled to have summer just around the corner and to celebrate the warming season with great summer recipes. One of the best parts of summer in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana is all the fresh fruit available! Enjoy a day of picking at a local grove or pick up fresh ingredients from the farmers market for the best tasting salads. Side salad for a party or a main entrée for any day of the week, the Strawberry Spinach Salad will have your taste buds basking in flavorful delight.

Pickled Onions
Date of Post: May 4, 2021

Grilling season has arrived, and pickled red onions are just the topping your taste buds have been missing! Burgers, hotdogs, tacos and more, it is as simple as 1,2,3! Let’s get started.

Roasted Cauliflower Steak Sandwich
Date of Post: April 19, 2021

Where’s the meat? Not here! A flavorful cauliflower steak with citrus cumin slaw will have your taste buds so thrilled you will be wondering if you have room for a second.

Ecuadorian Fried Cheese Empanadas
Date of Post: April 6, 2021

Get ready for a real treat! Empanadas are a great side dish or main entrée because you can alter the filling to be anything you want! The sky is the limit but today we are sticking with the classic cheese empanada. Chef Brandon takes a stab at his wife’s traditional fried cheese empanadas recipe on Cooking Creations.

Date of Post: March 23, 2021

Let’s talk vinaigrettes. Salad dressings, marinades, red wine, apple cider vinegar, basil, the list is endless and so are the opportunities. With so many types to choose from, vinaigrettes must be complicated, right? Wrong! A vinaigrette is simply mixing an oil with something acidic such as vinegar and lemon juice.

Quiche Lorraine
Date of Post: March 9, 2021

On Cooking Creations with Chef Brandon, we explore a forgotten favorite, Quiche! Quiche is a French dish that consists of a pastry crust with savory custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood, vegetables or any combination that you can dream of! Hot or cold, Quiche is a dish that is very versatile and can be served for any meal.

French Onion Soup
Date of Post: February 25, 2021

Cut the winter chill with a perfectly crafted soup topped with bread and melted cheese – it doesn’t get much better.

Cocoa-Coffee Crusted Filet Mignon
Date of Post: February 9, 2021

Are reservations hard to come by or are you opting for reservations at your dining room table for Valentine’s Day 2021? We’re here to help impress your significate other with a dinner that will have them wondering if you hired a chef.

Chocolate Caramel Bark
Date of Post: December 22, 2020

Desserts are the staple to every gathering but even more soduring the winter holidays. While the holidays may look a little different in 2020 this simple dessert will be one to share for generations to come and is simple enough to make for a little reminder of the best of times. Chocolate, caramel, sweet, salty, need we say more? Let’s get to cookin’!

Stars At Four Winds
Date of Post: December 17, 2020

Silver Creek Event Center is the place to go for legendary concerts and comedians!

Tomato Bruschetta
Date of Post: September 3, 2020

Whether you started a garden this year or are a green-thumbed pro, it’s the best time of year to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Tomato Bruschetta is a simple dish you can create in 20-30 minutes any time of year, but everything is better when you use fresh, high quality ingredients. Where is the best place to find them, your garden or favorite roadside stand of course! Pick those tomatoes and harvest some basil – let’s get started.

Justin and Amanda’s Wedding at Silver Creek
Date of Post: January 30, 2020

Congratulations to Justin and Amanda on their recent marriage! This lovely couple had a beautiful wedding at Silver Creek Event Center at Four Winds Casino New Buffalo in November 2019. We were thrilled to be part of the wedding planning and even more excited to see all the little details come together for Justin and Amanda’s special day. The breathtaking bride has been kind enough to share why they chose Silver Creek Event Center for their special day.

Interview with America
Date of Post: January 17, 2020

We were excited to get a few minutes of Dewey Bunnell’s time to answer a few questions.Of all your albums which one was the hardest to complete and why?Hat Trick took the longest. It was the 3rd album and we were producing it ourselves as we had done since the 1st album, which we co-produced. It was not necessarily hard to complete, but we realized how complex it really was to keep up with the administrative side as well as the creative side of producing a record. Consequently, we reached out to George Martin to produce our next 7 albums!What is your favorite thing about performing today as opposed to 49 years ago?I think we truly appreciate every performance now, taking nothing for granted as we try to make the show the best it can be every night.

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