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Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque!

Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! has become more than just a spellbinding holiday show; it has evolved into a cherished family tradition for everyone who loves the Holiday Season.  Touring across the U.S. and Canada, this dazzling production has spread the magic and joy of the holidays far and wide.

Created by the imaginative Fernando Quevedo, Holiday Dreams was born out of a loving belief that people of all ages can come together to experience the enchantment of the Holidays in a technologically advanced, fun, and exciting show.  Fernando, who is the Creator, Producer, and Director of the show, grew up in a circus in Europe, mesmerized by the incredible artists who performed daring and entertaining acts from around the world.

Today, Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! stands as the most captivating holiday show in the scene.  By incorporating world-class cirque performers, award-winning specialty acts, side-splitting comedy, and state-of-the-art technology, Holiday Dreams delights audiences across North America, creating cherished memories and keeping the spirit of the holiday season alive and well.  Whether you’re a millennial looking to reconnect with the joy of the holidays or simply a fan of incredible entertainment, Holiday Dreams has something special to offer you.

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